Kim Mangone

Kim Mangone for Congress

I am a Democratic candidate running for Congress in California's 23rd District because I believe we need a representative who will fight for the people in our district.

My life experiences include being a USAF Veteran, an aircraft mechanic, a systems engineer and a single working mom. While working full time, I went to college and earned my bachelor’s degree in Professional Aeronautics.


My time spent as a systems engineer has provided me with the skills I need to not only identify but to find solutions to the problems and challenges in our district.

As a systems engineer I was responsible for finding solutions and resolving the issues and challenges on the projects I worked on. To do this I worked with diverse groups of people to identify the actual cause of an issue. I would research ways to fix not just the immediate problem but to also fix what actually caused the problem in the first place. I would fight to make sure the solutions we had found were implemented, even when the solutions were unpopular.


I served in the USAF for six years. First as an aircraft mechanic and then as a flight engineer. There still weren’t many female aircraft mechanics when I joined, which meant I not only had to work hard but I had to fight to stay a mechanic. My time in the AF and as a veteran allows me to understand the challenges faced by our active duty military, military families and my fellow veterans.


I worked as an aircraft mechanic with a defense contractor when I first left the military. As a mechanic I understood how important the unions in this nation are. It was only because of those unions that I had benefits and earned a wage that could support my family. 


As a single working mom, I raised my daughter while working full time and furthering my own education. The challenges I overcame were balancing home and work, finding child care, and ensuing our financial security. My daughter Kathryn, is grown now and is a wonderful, independent woman.


As the Representative of CA District 23, I will bring my skills and experience to understand what my constituents need and then go to Washington D.C. and fight to enact the solutions that will help our district.



Every American deserves health care. As a nation we need a universal health care system that includes Medical Care for everyone. The rising prescription drug prices need to be brought under control. No one should have to choose between paying for healthcare and medicine or paying for food and rent and no one should go bankrupt paying for healthcare.


Social Security has to be protected. Working people paid into this program and they should not have to worry about reduced benefits.


We need to ensure the voters, not big business, are making the decisions for our country. We need national voting laws that protect every American citizen’s right to vote. We must ensure foreign governments do not impact/affect our elections in any way.


We need to bring good paying jobs to our district. This includes investing in our infrastructure and community. We need to train and employee the people in our district to work on the solar and windmill energy farms. The power companies are hiring people from out of state, for jobs the people in our districts could do, if they had the training.


All working Americans deserve to earn a living wage. Equal pay needs to be a priority for all lawmakers. 


Continue to invest in clean technology and actions that will positively affect climate change.


Continue working for the rights of minorities, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ community and all Americans. Discrimination defiles our core values and must end.


Access to reproductive medical care, protecting reproductive choices, ending workplace harassment and discrimination.


We made citizenship promises to individuals who served in our military and the DREAMers - we need to honor these promises. A good immigration policy is the best way to protect our borders.


As a USAF veteran, I understand the need to honor our active duty military members, veterans, and their families with initiatives that provide comprehensive resources to them.


We need to eliminate the systemic racism, reduce incarceration of non-violent offenders and abolish for-profit prisons.


Investment in education, teachers, skills-based training and jobs programs is required to prepare our children for the challenges they face today and in the future. We need to put renewable energy training programs and other technology training programs in place.


We must end the gun violence epidemic. We need to enact sensible gun control measures, including background checks on gun purchases, ban gun sales to violent offenders, ban high capacity magazines, and a impose a mandatory waiting period for gun sales.

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